We provide production services to companies wishing to film in Ireland.

Russell Curran Productions is a Dublin based production company providing production services for Films, Commercials, Stils, and TV shows wishing to shoot in Ireland both North and South. 

Having filmed commercials in many countries over the last 26 years including South Africa, The US, Cuba, Fiji, Morocco, Japan, and Most of Europe, we have a unique insight into the requirements needed when filming away from home.

We can adapt our services depending on budget and requirements.

We bring our vast wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight to assist visiting producers wishing to film in Ireland.

We have access to an extensive library of location references and can provide them to you within a matter of hours.

International clients include:

Fox Films International                    Stink UK                                        

Partizan UK                                      Phear Creative New York                

B-Reel Films Sweden                       HunkyDory Films UK   

Thomas Thomas Films                     Bare Films London                        

Karmarama                                       Snapper Films